Mindful Rotunda! What a Course

Mindful Rotunda! What a Course
March 29th 2018

Rotunda College ran our first mindfulness for Adults course throughout February and March. It was a great success, so much so we had to put on an additional course to run alongside the original one!

Here we want to share with you some feedback that we received from one of the class members Bethan. 

"Attending the creative mindfulness class run by Heather has helped me manage and deal with a lot of issues I was facing but not coping with very well. I don’t usually go out unless I’m with someone so my mum signed us both up and we went together. 

I’m an anxious person when in a new environment and around people that I don’t know but Heather made me feel comfortable and because of that I came back. I even came alone when my mum couldn’t make it! 

It has helped me get into a routine as I knew I needed to rest enough to be able to attend each week, this has had a massive impact on my perception of important tasks. I’ve managed to get a better handle on my limitations whilst doing an activity for myself that I enjoy, giving me new ways to be able to cope with my depression and pain through a medium that I was trying to find my love for again. 

Through this class I’ve been able to work on my communication skills with the other women and for two hours every week managed to relax and forget about my thoughts. Being in a safe environment with no distractions except art and crafts reminded me of how much joy I can feel from doing the things I love and through connecting with people. 

These past 2 months has given me 100x more motivation I’ve ever been able to give myself and I can’t thank my mum or Heather enough for that. I’ve been more actively engaged with my friends and on my online profiles and things just seem to be more positive the more I practice the things Heather shared with us all. We left with handouts each week to help us keep mindful once the class ended and I have been able to form new friendships through sharing and creating the things I learnt in the class. 

I’m highly considering signing up for the course again and looking into other things local to me that I can attend, which is something I would never have done 2 months ago. It’s a good feeling."

Bethan 24 


Rotunda are delighted that the course has had such a massive impact on Bethan and we pleased that she has felt able to share that with us. 

Our new Mindfulness course is due to start on the 25th April 2018 and will run every Wednesday for 8 weeks. Places fill up fast so please ensure you get in touch early to avoid disappointment. Please call Heather on 0151 207 2176.