Rotunda's Bradley is aiming high!

Rotunda's Bradley is aiming high!
April 30th 2018

Another amazing Rotunda story! Bradley Barrett came to Rotunda in 2017 and worked hard to further himself; so much so, he has just won a prestigious place at Central St Martin’s, London to study Architecture. Read below to hear Bradley’s story.

In June 2017 Bradley Barrett came to work on a project at Rotunda in collaboration with Homebaked CLT. Bradley was working as a construction trainee. During this time he assisted them with renovating a flat that had been uninhabitable for over 60 years as well as a disused public square, it was during this time that Bradley realised that he wanted to become an Architect. In a bid to further his interest in building design and build his knowledge he volunteered to sit in on all of the architects design meetings thus cementing his decision to pursue a career in architecture. At Homebaked, Britt Jurgensen held coaching sessions with Bradley to produce an action plan for him to achieve his goals as well as lining up opportunities for him to meet and work with a few industry professionals.

 Britt Jurgensen, Community Engagement Facilitator and Bradley's mentor at Homebaked Community Land Trust says:

'Bradley was on a Power to Change funded learning programme with Homebaked CLT as part of the development of a public square and the flat above the Homebaked Bakery. He worked with us 4 days per week for 6 months. Since the programme is over he has been doing a work placement with us. Bradley is a hard worker, he is creative and a great team player. He learned basic joinery and co-created some beautiful things, from a large wooden structure to a beautifully detailed table. More importantly though he showed a real knack and interest for design and we have been trying to encourage him to develop his talents wherever we could. It has been a real pleasure and privilege to watch him find what he is good at and loves doing. He turned up one day to tell us that he was going to become an architect and since then has worked very hard on achieving that dream. I am delighted that both Rotunda and Homebaked CLT have been able to support him on that journey. Now he is off to that London. We will miss him dearly!'

When the Homebaked project was completed, Bradley took on the position of Community Engagement Officer at Rotunda where he was given the opportunity to go on placement at Condy Lofthouse Architects with the help of Jason Maher (Director at Condy Lofthouse). 

He got a through education in architecture, starting with the basics of the company’s software, such as Vectorworks, Sketch-up and Revit. Once he felt confident, he was set various tasks such as laser measuring and surveying ground floor space, he was shown how to upload the data and then produced 3D models on Sketch-up. To ensure that everything that Bradley was learning reflected both organisations, Rotunda and Condy Lofthouse set him the brief of working on a live project that Rotunda had commissioned. Bradley collected precedence images of outdoor seating and was shown how to think about the pros and cons of each idea and then given instruction on how to articulate them when presenting.

 Carrie Cavanagh on behalf of Condy Lofthouse stated, “We had the pleasure of having Bradley in the office for work experience; one day a week over several months. He was enthusiastic, and an avid learner from the start - great qualities to see! We saw great progression in Bradley, even in a short space of time, and we feel certain that he will achieve whatever he sets his sights on. We wish him the best of luck for the future!”

Bradley is thankful for the opportunity that he has been given with Rotunda, Homebaked CLT and Condy Lofthouse.

“Over the past few months, I have come out feeling much more confident in using relevant subject terminology, using software competently, understanding the whole complexity of a design process and through all this I have even been offered a place at one of the countries leading schools of architecture, Central Saint Martin’s London.”

My time at Rotunda has been a key moment of my life, it has played a massive part in my development and pushed me towards my goals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody at Rotunda, Homebaked CLT and Condy Lofthouse Architects. You’re the best!”

 Maxine Ennis, CEO Rotunda expressed delight at Bradley securing a position at Central Saint Martin’s to start studying Architecture. “Rotunda is a special place, we love to see our young people come to us and flourish and we do everything that we can to enable that to happen through partnership working. Our relationship with Condy Lofthouse and Homebaked CLT has been instrumental in helping Bradley and we will continue this partnership well into the future. I would like to say a huge thank you to Jason and Carrie at Condy Lofthouse and Britt and everyone at Homebaked CLT for helping Bradley and we look forward to our continued work together.”