Meet The Team Series: Alex Parkes-Reed

Alex Parkes Reed

Welcome back to the 'Meet The Team Series'. Here at Rotunda, we think it's really important to showcase the amazing staff we have, and the hard work they are doing for the community. This week, we will be introducing another one of our Tutors- Alex Parkes-Reed. Have a read about his 'Teaching Philosophy' and why he chose to teach at Rotunda!

Alex Parkes-Reed

My teaching philosophy is very simple; people learn better when engaged and interested, so let’s make sure that the learner is always both those things. This way, a learner will succeed in their educational goals. Education is one of the best ways for self development. It can help you to take control of your situation and your immediate world, and help you to realise your goals in life. It is not only important but necessary for life and employment. If someone says they haven’t got anything more to learn in life, then they don't fully understand what it means to 'learn'. Learning is a lifelong process, and we are never too old or too wise to learn something new. That’s why I try to bring my extremely varied teaching career to my job at Rotunda (I have taught almost everything to anyone you can imagine). I always strive to keep to my philosophy and make sure that all my learners succeed so they can do what they couldn’t before. That’s why I teach and that’s why I teach here!


19 January 2021

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