Meet The Team Series: Shannon King

21 January 2021

Welcome back to our 'Meet The Team' series of the Rotunda Blog. Today you will meet one of our Nursery Practitioners- Shannon King- who works at Rotunda Nursery. Rotunda Nursery plays a key part in Rotunda- helping to enable parents the opportunity for self development and education, by offering a safe, inclusive and fun place to have their children cared for.

Hi all, I’m a Level 3 nursery practitioner at Rotunda. Now you probably think that all I do is ‘play with the kids’ all day long- but it’s a lot harder than you think!  Being an  early years practitioner is actually much more diverse and complex. Part of my day consists of ‘don’t put that in your mouth’, ‘yes it’s dinner time soon’, ‘no we don’t have sweets’. The other half is all about caring for the children, safeguarding the children, filling out the 10th accident form of the day (because yes you can trip over thin air), oh and also paper work (yes nursery assistants have a lot of paper work believe it or not!) but the best part of my day is playing with the children, encouraging them to try new things and pushing them to their abilities and watch it actually show!


I really enjoy working at Rotunda Nursery, it is an extremely rewarding role, and I have made great friends in my colleagues who support me every day, and in the nursery parents who I get the pleasure of getting to know. A great part of my job is knowing I am making a difference to families. It's the little things; like when a parent thanks you for helping their child to toilet train, or count to 10. That never fails to make me smile! Working in a nursery with 10 children trying to ask you for different things can be stressful at times! But I wouldn’t change my work place in any way, it’s a great place to work and always manages to keep me smiling!

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