English and Maths

Do you need to brush up on your English and Maths skills?

No matter what your level of ability, our Education Team can help you get up to speed with Maths and English. 


English Functional Skills

Rotunda offers a 4-week course in English Functional Skills: Our 4-week English Functional Skills course is designed for you to be able to quickly develop your functional skills and gain an accredited qualification. The course will be taught virtually- with support from an experienced English tutor and excellent resources.

Have you promised yourself for a long time that you are going to brush up on your English skills? Would you like to be able to help your children with their English homework? Do you need an English Level 2 qualification to apply for a job or further education course? No matter what your goals or level of ability, take the leap and join our English course at Rotunda.

Maths Functional Skills

We offer a 4-week Maths Functional Skills course: Our 4-week Maths Functional Skills course is designed for learners of all abilities, with the opportunity to do a stand-alone course at any level (between Entry Level 1 to Level 2) or to progress and work your way to earning a Level 2 accredited qualification in Maths. The course will be taught virtually- with support from an experienced Maths tutor and excellent resources.

Don’t be scared of numbers, let us help you to become confident at algebra and simplify sums! Join our Maths course today and let us teach you that Maths isn’t all conundrums!

We also offer Maths tutoring up to A-level for all aged 14+

All of our courses are free if you are over 19 years and are unemployed or on an annual income of less than £18,525. All courses are flexible to your needs, so please speak to us and let’s see if we can adapt learning around you. Pop in or call us for a chat: 0151 207 2176

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