Nursery Curriculum

We strive to ensure that children are at the centre of everything that we do in nursery. Through continuous provision and following each child’s interests, children have opportunities to access all areas of learning.  Our staff team get to know the children well to understand how they learn and what they are interested in so that they can build upon the daily activities to enhance learning opportunities to further children’s knowledge and development. Themes and events are introduced alongside continuous provision to ensure that all children at nursery are given a range of opportunities and experiences that enrich their cultural capital and provide them with the skills and knowledge that they need for each next step in their learning journey.

Our youngest children form close bonds with the adults in the room and begin to reach developmental milestones such as cruising and walking or beginning to say words. Key workers support them to confidently explore an environment that caters for all their needs and abilities and provides appropriate challenges to enable them to meet their next steps.

Our toddlers begin to gain independence in their play and start to show an awareness of, and increasing control over managing their feelings and behaviour. They will develop friendships with other children and join in play with each other. Toddlers will learn through a range of sensory, hands on, exploratory experiences.

Pre-school children begin to get ready for the transition to school by developing independent self-care and personal, social and emotional skills. They take active roles in their play and exploration, as well as develop early literacy and problem solving skills. Children are motivated by exciting provocations and invitations to play and both key workers and peers are involved in scaffolding learning to build on what preschool children know and identifying next steps in their learning and development.

To deliver our curriculum we draw upon Rotunda’s Core Values

Respect – All children and families who come to our nursery are treated with respect and children learn to show respect towards others, our resources and our environment.

Opportunity – Our children are given a wide range of learning opportunities and given skills and knowledge that will help them to achieve their goals

Trust – We create safe, secure and trusting relationships with our children and families.

Understanding – We have excellent knowledge of child development and how our children learn which enables us to understand their needs and so that we can make sure all children are making progress

Non-judgemental – Everyone is welcome at Rotunda. We support all our families however we can and provide a safe environment for all to feel accepted.

Diverse – We recognise that everyone has different backgrounds, needs, abilities and experiences and celebrate all of these.

Always Positive – Everyone is welcomed with a smile. We ensure children are in a nurturing environment that celebrates their achievements.

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