Learning About Round Here

Rotunda is owned by the community and is for the whole community to use. To be educated and learn about the history of round here, and also talk about how life is and could be, now and in the future. The Heritage Resource Centre in our lovely Grade II listed building is a place full of information, history and learning tools for adults and children, for local history and for school and college projects.

We believe the history of here is interesting in its own right, but that we can also learn from it and from each other as we create and debate our ideas about the future.

So drop into the Garden Café here where the history of our North Liverpool is on the walls and displays all around you. Talk to us about how our Heritage Resources can be tailored to enhance your school’s curriculum. You can also be a part of our gatherings and events about the past and the future. Or share your own stories and photos on our Blog. The stories of everyone round here are a vitally important part of our future, so do come and share your knowledge, memories and opinions.

We do loads of different things, we have hosted 92 children (aged 4,5,6) from the Trinity Catholic Primary School who explored our gardens and tasted the things we grow in there – they also got a surprise visit from the Gruffalo! We have had an outdoor, evening performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream in our Theatre Garden – we had 40 members of the community who came and had hot chocolate and a wonderful night of entertainment!