Working Futures

Working Futures is a flexible, engaging and supportive programme for ‘NEET’ (not in employment, education or training) young people aged 16 to 29 years old. The programme provides a personalised support package which enables participants to progress and achieve in employment, apprenticeships, education or training.

We want to inspire, energise and equip young people to focus on:

• Supporting young people to take control of their own lives;
• Developing positive attitudes towards ambition, achievement and learning;
• Building confidence and self-esteem;
• Accredited qualifications: Employability, PSD, English, Maths or vocational pathways; and
• Positive progression…especially into work!

The focus of this programme is on POSITIVE PROGRESSION – this is our KEY DRIVER! If you would like more information about the programme and how you can be part of it please contact Rotunda on 0151 207 2176 to book your place.