A Place for You

Above all and everything else Rotunda is a place for you. A place where you can come to and rely on for all sorts of reasons and things. So what do you need? And what have we got?

A nursery for your pre-school children. We’ll look after them while they play and gently learn. While you’re here on a course, or running something, or volunteering, or out at work, whatever. The nursery’s here to help you.

Our Garden Café where you can drop in Monday to Friday for wholesome food, a cup of tea with friends or on your own, or to talk with us about catering for your meetings or events. You could also talk to us about hiring some space here for whatever you’re putting on. And have a look at our gardens too, including the space out in front. We regularly use these for community events. But also you might want to think about coming and doing some volunteer gardening or other volunteering with us? We think that gardening, volunteering and looking after somewhere beautiful is good for us all, so come and help?

And we can help out when you most need it. With free legal advice and counselling. For those times in all of our lives when we can’t think our way through something on our own? When it feels like that come and talk to us at Rotunda.

Because Rotunda is for all of us. The people who work and volunteer with us, the people who live and work round here. Everyone. And if what you need doesn’t look like it’s on our website or in our stories, come and talk to us about it anyway. That’s how we make up what we do next, by listening to everyone who comes through our Kirkdale doors.