Rotunda is where business meets community and ideas change reality.

Big talk and big ideas? Certainly and why not? We the people of North Liverpool have always been naturally enterprising types who’ve got on with business and with making things. Turning round here into one of the major workshops and ports in the world.

As the nature of trade has changed over recent years it’s been hard for us to adjust at times, everyone knows that. But North Liverpool now is bursting with ideas of ways for us to make a living that also make a difference. Which is why we here at Rotunda call ourselves a social enterprise. Somewhere that’s really enterprising, while at the same time we’re all doing our best to make a real difference to life in the world around us.

So all of this is why we’ve now set up our own Business Centre here at Rotunda, in the whole of one of our beautiful Georgian buildings. A big-windowed light filled place where you can come for advice and support and just to discuss your ideas. Because sometimes an objective listener is all you might need.

But when you’re ready we’re also a real place where you can come and rent some of our space and run your business in supportive and creative company.

So do drop in to talk and have a look around. Or we could come out and see you? Maybe working together with you in your own community? We’re open to enterprising ideas.

Here at Rotunda we’re enterprising, always getting things going, always doing things. So let’s talk?


Rotunda Heritage and Enterprise Centre was created with the help of The Heritage Lottery Fund and Stepclever

Heritage Lottery FundStepclever