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Multimedia And Editing Suite


Alternative but very real education for teenagers and adults to help you be who you want to be and get where you want to go

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Where business meets community and ideas change reality. Office space definitely, but advice collaboration and so much more

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A Place for You

What do you need? What have we got?

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A Place Full of Stories

Oh yes and we tell stories. Of people and places, of Rotunda and round here. And maybe of you? Building a whole blog full of Rotunda and North Liverpool stories

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Welcome. We are a big colourful community-led place that’s here to organise whatever help’s needed around whoever comes through our Kirkdale doors.

Alternative education for teenagers and adults, counselling, legal advice, loads of community stuff, a café that's also a history resource, a nursery, a gorgeous garden round the side and a big space out the front for events. Plus we do advocacy for our communities and North Liverpool generally, doing our bit to help make life even better round here. All from a beautiful row of Georgian houses on Great Mersey Street. Oh and we’ve also got our own great big folly standing in front of the houses to help you find us.

So have a look around on here - and then come and see us!