Policies and Procedures

Safeguarding Policies and Procedures 

Child Protection Policy

Confidential Reporting Policy

Dbs Policy

E Safety Policy

Lockdown Policy

Managing Allegations Against Staff And Volunteers Policy

Staff Subject To An Allegation Policy And Procedure

Modern Slavery Statement

Policy On Reporting Sensitive Issues

Prevent Policy

Protection Of Vulnerable Adults Policy

Safeguarding Advice For Visitors

Safeguarding Flow

Safeguarding Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy And Procedures

Safer Working Practices Code Of Conduct

Data and GDPR Policies and Procedures

Computer Network Security Policy 180125

Confidentiatlity And Information Sharing 180125

Data Protection Policy 180125

Data Retention Policy 180125

E Mail Code Of Conduct 180125

Employee Data Protection Policy 180125

Document Retention Policy 180125

Physical Security Policy 180125

Privacy Notice For Employees And Contractors Signed 180125

Privacy Notice For Employees And Contractors Unsigned For E Handbook 180125

Quick Reference Retention Guide

Subject Access Request Form 180125

General Policies and Procedures

Accident And Incident Reporting Policy

Alcohol And Other Substance Misuse Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Anti Fraud Policy And Fraud Response Plan

Anti Bribery Policy

Behaviour Policy

Business Code Of Ethics

Business Continuity Plan

Commencing Work

Complaints Procedure

Conflict Of Interest Policy

Disciplinary Actions After A Hearing

Disciplinary And Catagories Of Conduct

Disciplinary Appeals Policy And Actions

Disciplinary Policy And Actions

Environmental Policy

Equal Oppportunities Policy

Equality And Diversity Policy

Financial Controls Policy

Fire Safety Policy

Flexible Working Policy

Fundraising Policy

Grievance Procedure And Appeals Policy

Harrassment Policy

Health Safety Policy Rotunda Ltd 04 23

Health And Wellbeing Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

Lay Off Procedure

Learner Mental Health And Well Being Policy

Living Wage Policy

Lone Worker Policy

Manual Handling Policy

Paternity Leave And Pay Policy

Pay Policy

Recruitment Policy

Smoking Policy

Workplace Physical Activity Policy

Workplace Mental Health Policy

Whistleblowing Policy And Procedure

Volunteering Policy

Training And Development Strategy

Training And Development Policy

Staff Supervision Policy And Procedure

Staff Development Policy And Process

Social Value Policy

Maternity Leave And Pay Policy

Risk Assessments

Staff Areas

Toilets And Changing Rooms

Site Team And Cleaners Rooms

Reprographic And Store Rooms

Passenger Lifts

Outbuildings Nursery Annex

Offices And Conference Rooms

Nursery And Learning Spaces


Boiler And Plant And Server Rooms


Corridors And Stairwells

Action Plan Premises

Access And Egress And Carparks

Entrance And Reception Areas

External Areas And Public Access Gardens

Education Policies and Procedures 

Access Arrangements Policy

Send Policy

Sampling Strategy

Rules Of Examination

Revision Policy

Recognition Of Prior Learning Policy

Quality Policy

Access To Fair Assessment Statement

Additional Learning Support Policy

Appeals Policy

Attendance Policy

Assessment Invigilation Policy

Awarding Body Registration And Certification Procedure

Conflict Of Interest Policy

Controlled Assessment Policy

Controlled Assessment Risk Assessment

Course Extension Letter

Course Extension Policy And Procedure

Enquiry And Appeals Policy

IAG Policy

Internal Verification And Standardistation Policy

Learner Computer And Digital Use Policy

Learner Journey Destination Policy

Learner Support And Reasonable Adjustment Policy

Malpractice And Maladministration Policy And Procedure

Observation Of Teaching Policy

Quality Assurance Review Policy









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